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Stone Harbor July 12, 2009

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There’s nothing quite like a great vacation to truly find inner peace and utter relaxation. We strolled to and from the beach at our leisure, indulged in great food, soaked up 7 straight days of sun, and reveled in the warmth of family…

A few I snapped around the house of the babies…



Analise showing off her Kini…(now 9 months old!)



My sister Mer contrived this shot as she was cutting up watermelon and I snapped away. Quite possibly my favorite EVER!



We also did our annual photo shoot on the beach with the most buttery light and quiet water…







Sir Lance-a-lot…







my parents…they truly are as amazing as they look!



The sista-sistas! The most gorgeous sisters a girl could have! (taken by Andrew…photog in training)


and the love of my life!



5 Responses to “Stone Harbor”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Anne~ i just have to tell you that you take the most amazing pictures and have such a stunning family, they all look straight out of a catalog or something!! i love following your blog! i hope to one day be able to use your services when i have a baby!

  2. gabbi & casey Says:

    these are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man, they made me so excited for our casey photo shoot!! you rock more than you know, I am the luckiest girl to have such an amazing and amazingly talented best friend and god mommy to my baby!! looooooove you

  3. Danielle Says:

    Hi Annie!

    How are you? I ADORE these pics of you and your family. How gorgeous!!!!! I hope all is well!!! Love ya!!!!:)

  4. Doris aker Says:

    Hi Annie,
    I can’t believe those awesome pictures!! I just loved each and every one of them – you and Andrew, your Mom and Dad and of course the three adorable babies. You certainly are one talented young lady. Love you, Gram

  5. Aunt Joanie Says:

    Annie, You are amazing with photography. Captured the
    essence of a wonderful family vacation at a favorite
    N.J. shore Stone Harbor. Hope you all had a wonderful
    time. And Happy Birthday to you. Love Aunt Joanie

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